When it comes to the work done at Platinum Woodworking, we expect only the best from ourselves. Our project is more than just a job, as we take pride in our results and want to supply you with a finished product that you will fall in love with.

Through our various services we provide, precision is always a focal point. And what better way to be precise than by using CNC machining for our woodworking. Computer numerical control provides numerous benefits when working with wood, such as the following.

Eliminates Human Error

We get it. Nobody is perfect. The same can be said when manually cutting wood for projects. Mistakes will be made, that is to be expected for sure. But what if you can eliminate that worry about making an error? With CNC, you can rest easy knowing that results will be exact. Because the machines are computer-controlled, you can expect meticulous results with a keen eye on accuracy. 

Saves Time & Money

If there are two things people love to save on, it is time and money. And when working with CNC for woodworking projects, you can expect that. Less time spent working means you have more time to enjoy your newest fixture as the result will be produced at a quicker rate. There is also the fact that because of the precision of the CNC machine, you no longer have to worry about using more materials than necessary. This leads into the next benefit of the machine.

Sustainable Practice

When opting for the CNC machine for woodworking, you will be participating in a sustainable practice that helps the environment. Since the machine produces more exact results, you can say goodbye to wasting wood materials in the off chance of making mistakes. And because the end product will come quicker, you can also see a decrease in your carbon footprint since less energy is being used.

At Platinum Woodworking, we utilize a top-of-the-line Sabre CNC that can craft or reproduce whatever your need is. To get in touch with us about this service, head over to our contact page to start the process.

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